Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Update from - Accessing Books

Complementary resources to ‘Accessing Books - A Guide for Dyslexic Adults’

3 new resources that support dyslexics to engage with books are available from the Seeing Ear.  They are free downloads.  They complement the self-help guide ‘Accessing Books - A Guide for Dyslexic Adults’, detailed on this blog on 21 August 2015.

What are the contents of these resources?

1)    A list of book series for adults that are more accessible than mainstream books 
2)    A set of strategy flashcards that aim to help dyslexics to engage with books 
3)    An activity that dyslexics can use to identify accessible features of mainstream books 

Who are the resources aimed at?

·       dyslexic adults
·       people supporting anyone of any age to engage with books e.g. educators, library staff, family members 
·       learners and students e.g. adult literacy learners, students of English

Where are the resources available?
·       In pdf under the subheading ‘Guides by others’ at 

·       In Word from the Seeing Ear library which dyslexics are eligible to join  

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