Friday, 12 May 2017


Today I was asked for some advice about timings, i thought i should post my response here encase its useful to others. 

Timing is often a big issue for those with SpLD. We just don't notice the passage of time.
One recommendation is using a timer - if you take a break time your break as well as timing your revision sessions so that you don't get lost in social media. If you chose 5 minutes as a break at least you shall be aware when 5 minutes has passed (there is nothing wrong with resetting if that is what you want to do!) but I know lots of teenagers and adults alike who sit to play 20 minutes of computer games only to realise that 5 hours has passed and they didn't enjoy their Saturday anymore than if they had only played 20 minutes then done other things. 

It always takes 'dedication' to come back to a task but in SpLD time can pass without even noticing - setting a regular alarm will stop this from happening.

Timing in exams is another one that is difficult but having a plan for how to use your time at the beginning and working out how long to spend on each bit is a great help and can prevent time being wasted on a difficult question without leaving time for easier questions where points could be made. Always tackle the questions with the most points first and divide the time you take in the exam by the value of the question. 

eg - if you have a paper that has three parts in a 1 hour exam 

part 1 is 10 multiple chose questions worth 1 point each
Part 2 is 2 short base answer questions worth 5 points each
part 3 is an essay worth 10 points 

start with part 3 giving 20 minutes (try and plan first too so if you need to come back later you know what you'd planned to say - plus if you don't finish examiners know where you were going) - always leave space while writing to be able to make additions if you have to write on paper rather than a computer. Maybe write on every other line so you can neatly add or correct your work.

part 2 gives two lots of 10 minutes

part 1 gives 10 lots of 2 minutes 

then you can use any extra time left to go back and check your answers or extend your longer answers 

This way you don't lose points through not having had time to get to them

best of luck